I’m Benny

Howes it Going? I’m Benny!IMG_8239

My Life is a gift, I was Born to a 15 yr old Mother, Placed for adoption, Healed from Stage 4 Kidney Failure without a Transplant and then Reunited with both sides of My Biological Family at age 38.

This is only half My story…

My day job is a Mortgage Loan Originator, but the reason I’m alive is to deliver a simple message.

“Any condition can change… Our gift is in seeing and responding to that Truth”

Circumstances have a way of pulling the wool over our eyes, concealing our Gold Nugget of Truth. But the right perspective reveals our truth; leading us to our Purpose, Empowerment and Freedom.

In my experience, Life has lead myself and others ‘through the fire’ of Circumstance, right to the answer we’ve needed to unlock our inspiration, creativity and life long passion. The True AHA is when we realize we knew it all along.

Healing from Stage 4 Kidney Failure without a transplant and Finding My Biological Family after 38 years, by literally uncovering the needle in the haystack, taught me Three HUGE Truths about My Life

  1. The ‘Facts of Life’… are what we Overcome.
  2. Hope is the key ingredient in realizing any life long dream, no matter how impossible it seems.
  3. Our ‘Answer’ is found within the very challenge we face… so dig in.

Living as an adopted child for 38 years left me wondering if I was a ‘reject’. After finding by family, I learned my family loved me, wanted me and always hoped to see me again. Being adopted simply gave me the best opportunity for Growth. It was the best gift I could have received from them.

I love helping people see their Truth for themselves, Beyond Circumstance; Realizing the Challenges and Disadvantages are the best gifts they ever could have received… It’s the most fun thing I do in my life.

Read on… get inspired and experience your best. Go Deeper into my story here

Talk soon,



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