Bean Positive?

If it hasn’t clicked yet, ‘Bean Positive’ is my little spin on being positive. If you say it with a little ‘southern’ in your voice, it comes out better. Try it… Beeeean Positive, see.


I’m soooo Serious! “The Thinker”

A while back I thought it would be a perfect name for a coffee shop. I’m sure you see why… What better place to start your day that at a Café that puts you in a positive mood as you go? People would say, I go there for the coffee, but I come back for the inspiration. I don’t run my coffee shop yet, but I figured I could still create a space that would help you to start your day on a positive note, just bring your own coffee for now, I’ll bring the inspiration… deal?

As for why I’m doing a blog? Simply put, I have a lot to say, just ask anyone who’s ever chatted with me… 30 minutes later they usually say something like…

‘You should write a book’ or ‘That would be a good ‘Lifetime channel’ movie’… Maybe so, or Maybe they say that to get me to stop talking. Either way, I love talking about my amazing life and the Journey I’ve traveled so far. I love to inspire others by sharing what a I have experience with. At least that way, I know what I’m talking about… Truuuust meee.

Another way to say it… I’m here to help. I’m here to share my perspective on this very dynamic event we call ‘Today’. It’s always Today and Today always has unlimited possibilities. Today has everything we are looking for, as long as we’re able to recognize it. If life is a journey, the ‘signs’ are always right in front of our face, leading us to our destination.

What to expect on Bean Positive:

I’ll give you positive stories, we’ll laugh and cry, well… I’ll cry, you laugh. Even if it’s not funny, it’s healthy to laugh so I recommend it. You’ll here me congratulate others about their accomplishments and I will always give encouragement to those that need it too. Together we can build momentum and create Great things in our lives simply by giving each other Encouragement and Congratulations…two of the most important ingredients in life.

I also like to take pictures on my phone from my unique perspective, I’ll post those too.

If you need encouragement, let me know what’s going on and I’ll be happy to give you my spin on it. That’s what I do best and that’s why I’m here… To help You find your Inspiration and get your Creativity flowin’

Once you read a bit about me, tell me what you want to hear more about. Some of my experiences may seem a little crazy, but they really happened and I wouldn’t change them for anything. That’s of course a cliché… I could think of many things that would have been more fun than some of my experiences but, (rolling my eyes) of course they wouldn’t have been as rewarding… Really though,  I’ve learned a lot through my life experiences and they’ve allowed me to be a big help to others.

So… Feel free to post your comments and questions, keep em’ rated PG, this is a family show YO. And, here comes the shameless plug… 

If you are buying a home or looking to save money on your existing mortgage, contact me at

You’ll be glad ya did, Yeehawww!!!


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