Oh goody…My First Christmas With my Birth Mom

In eleven Days My Mom will be here, my First Christmas with My Birth Mom Debbie… I hope I get a bike with a bell on it!!! It was just a year ago Thanksgiving I received the first Facebook Message to my Andrew Collins facebook profile. Then a year ago, almost to the day, I received a Letter in the mail from her. The day I read that letter marked the day that nothing in my life would be the same. The actions I took after reading that letter, set in motion a year full of personal discovery, chaos in the form of a Mid-Life Identity crisis and the Victory of Finishing My first Marathon. More on The Year of my Life in later posts.

Last Christmas I spent with my Birth Dad Murrell, Grampa Ralph, Grandma Val, and My Brother Ethian… My Cousin Chesca even braved the Ice cold Ferry ride from Seattle to greet me for her Side of the the Family She’s awesome. I expect this Christmas will be less emotional. My Christmas wish is that this year will bring the completion of Uncertainty and Indecision in my Life and be the Commencement of Authentic Vision and Fulfillment…. AKA Fun.

I’m excited to hang with my Mom with no real agenda other than Relaxing, Cooking, Playing Games, and Maybe even looking at some Christmas Lights. She lives in where I was born, Bremerton, Washington and the other times we’ve been able to see eachother it’s always been in somewhat of a rush. This visit can take on a much slower pace. Nice…

My Mom is Married to a super cool man named Brent. He’s the funny guy in the bunch and likes to keep things light. I can’t tell you how many times he’s broken the tension with a wise crack. He’s brought me from tears to laughter in an instant, Everyone Loves Brent.

Diana’s Parents James and Dena will be hosting us all. James just finished remodeling the entire home… It’s Awesome, new Kitchen, Bathrooms, Downstairs, refinished dark stained hard wood floors; he does great work and it’s easy to relax at their home. Anyway, that’s all for now. I wish everyone a great Holiday and wether you Unwrap your gifts or they knock on your door, I hope you enjoy them.

Merry Christmas Everybody 🙂


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