No wonder we Love Fridays…

Good Morning… Happy Friday! Along with most of my Friends, I Love Fridays. I say most only because Friday isn’t always someones Friday, if you know what I mean. But, If you need to turn in early tonight so you can go to work Saturday morning… I’m here to share another reason for you to love Fridays.

I just learned the word Friday comes from the Old English ‘Figga’s day’… from ‘Frigg’, the Germanic Goddess of Married Love… kinda has a ring to it huh? She was the Beloved Wife of Odin, the ‘top dog’ in German Folklore. They were both very wise and prophetic… they new the future.

Don’t worry this isn’t all about Norse Mythology, But Friday, the day we have all grown to love in one way or another, may have deeper ties to us than Happy Hour and not having to set the alarm for tomorrow morning, although those are awesome reasons and shouldn’t be ignored.

O.K. let’s bring this home now… The very meaning of the words that come from Frigg all express Love, Nobility, and Heaven, not to forget the ties to Wives everywhere. So, Friday, by definition should be Loved.

My encouragement is to Love someone today, Allow yourself to be loved. Love your Friends, Your Wives, but not your friends Wives…lol,  Just kidding.

No matter who or what you Love today, remember it’s not by chance that we Love Fridays, it’s kinda always been that way, Frigg’in Awesome! (Kinda Punny 😉


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