My Reunion Pt. 3 – Dixie Norgren, the Needle in the Haystack

Fast forward until age 38, I was a Weight loss coach at the time, helping people let go of their LifeWeight. I loved helping people accomplish something they hadn’t been able toLove do on their own. I was helping quiet a few people and I was feeling very good about what I was doing in my life. Prayer and Meditation had become a very effective part of my life and my intuition had kicked into high gear after having a Near Death experience back in April of 2011. I was in the flow to say the least. I felt if I asked ‘God’ a question, the answer would show up with in a day or so, I loved that time of my life.

One night, I remember going to my room to take a shower. It was simply one of those times I felt led to do something, so there I went. I got in the shower and knew God wanted to tell me something, so I asked God…  What do You want to tell me? A few minutes went by and as I let the water fall on me from the ‘RainDrop’ shower head, there IT came, My Answer. In the same voice that told me my Kidneys could heal back in 2005, I heard….‘Go back to the Norgren’s.’

Oscar and Myrtle Norgren… They were my foster parents who took me in when I was only three days old. They were up in years when they cared for me so I assumed they had already passed by that time but, my adopted Mom ‘Nana’ mentioned they had a son… maybe he would know something. So I turned to and started looking for the needle in the haystack.

Timing in fact is everything, because things progressed really fast now, kinda. Diana’s Dad James (Papa) let me use his account and he started looking also. After a day or two we had pulled up Oscar, Myrtle and their son Bill, all of which had passed already. But the Daughter in law, Dixie is still alive and well and we found out she only lives a couple hours from my home in Vancouver, Wa. I wasn’t sure if she’d know anything or, even remember me.

I was so excited but, I couldn’t make the call. I was too afraid. I started having these fears of rejection all over again. What if she doesn’t know anything, what if she gets bothered by the call. I kinda started freaking out, I experienced so much disappointment up to this point in my life, I wasn’t sure I could handle another dead end so to speak.

Side note here… I believe anytime we are about to cross a threshold in our life, Fear will step up and try to detour us. But, I think that type of fear is almost a hint of where we need to go for our breakthrough. Do it anyway right?  Anyway, I had to think about it still.

The next day, as I was thinking about how to approach Dixie, I got a phone call from Papa saying, ‘Guess what? I contacted Daisy… She remembers you and wants you to call.’ He started telling me about their conversation, Dixie said, ‘of course I remember Andrew, I remember picking him up for Christmas that year.’ 

This was so amazing to me, all these years with nothing… and now, Not only did we make the right connection, but also, I was remembered. Talking about feeling validated, Being Adopted, I never knew where I came from, no one in my life really did. But now, we found someone who knew me before I knew me.

I called her the next afternoon, It was June 3rd 2012, I just got home, sitting in the cul-de-sac in my car. That Voice spoke again and said, call her… NOW.

I barely remember what Dixie and I talked about that day… it didn’t matter, I felt like I was being welcomed back home. Just talking to someone from that part of my life made me feel connected to my truth, to what was real in my life.

She talked to me like I was family, actually we still connect on Facebook sometimes. When I’m reminded of how amazing this all really is, I like telling her Thank You. I’m not sure what my life would be like with finding her and the needle in the haystack.  I just talked to Dixie tonight, she said she found a photo of Oscar and Myrtle that she’s going to send me. I’ll post it on here when I get it.

She told me Grandma Myrtle kept a photo album of all the kids she cared for. I was one of about 60 kids and some of them, she helped find their biological families too. I had come to the right place. she told me she wanted to send me my page of the album that had some pictures of me on it. That was all she mentioned about the ‘Album’, but to give her a few days to dig it out. After our conversation, I sat in the car, happy… then the tears started. I’m not even sure what I felt exactly, but it was good.

I think we cry at times when we finally are able to let go of things… Ideas we’ve held. I’m sure there were parts of me that thought I would never get to that point of my life, that I would never get so close.

Maybe being so close to my Dream was stirring up the realization that I really was finding my family, it was actually happening. It could have been my soul was nudging my inner hoper and doubter, telling them to get ready… here it comes. I can’t be sure after all, I was only expecting her to send me Pictures.

June 8th, I checked the mail and there it was… the Letter from Dixie. A new piece of my life was in this envelope, but would it have what I was looking for?


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