My Reunion Pt. 1 – Mission Possible

Have you ever been on a mission that you knew you would complete, yet had absolutely no idea how or when? I think that is what we call a ‘dream’; something that is so

We had no clue how far we really needed to go

We had no clue how far ‘The Road’ would take us

deeply ingrained in who you are but, so Big, that you don’t know if you have what it takes to get-r-done. That’s exactly how finding my biological family was for me.

I had heard of dreams coming true, I even think we’ve all seen dreams come true, for others… I’ve now lived it twice. First with My Kidney Healing and Now being Reunited with My Biological Family. The first dream come true seemed like a fluke because I couldn’t understand the role I played in my healing, but when it happened again by finding my family, it started looking like a life theme.

My overall lesson, Dreams, are the Miracles that are birthed inside us and they can become reality through the challenges of our Life. I’ve learned if we have a dream, something we truly want but don’t understand how it’s possible, we must get passed our fears, before we can see our Dream or Miracle Come true. I know you have a Dream and Your Miracle is incubating… and in Due Time it will be birthed; Keep your heart open, Your Miracle will come.

We all know dreams don’t come true overnight though, and finding my birth family wasn’t any different. I knew I was adopted from an early age… well, it would have been tough to hide… my parent are white and I’m… not. They were pretty open about it as I was little, I had tons of questions and wanted to know everything I could.

There was a copy of some birth papers I called them; they listed things like what time I was born, my height and weight, but also a couple pieces of information about my parents… My Mom, 15 years old, 5 foot 4, 105 pounds. Just a little girl, She was artistic and a good student. My Dad, 18 years old, 5 foot 6, 156 pounds; Athletic and a High School graduate. He was already off to Boot Camp when he heard of me. My parents were so young, their whole loves ahead of them, but facing their own challenges at such a young age.

This was all I knew about my folks, and I spun that imagination a million different ways during the 38 years of hoping to find them. In my mind, they were famous athletes, actresses, singers, writers, activists. Whatever I was interested in, I saw my parents in it.

Isn’t that so true… When we want something so bad, we see it everywhere?

I’d say my dream was given evidence and possibility when I was about 11 years old. I was at my best friend Marty’s house… I spend most of my childhood at Marty’s house. He only lived two houses away and we would play all the time. I was raised an only child so Marty was the brother I didn’t have. His parents owned a Movie Rental Store, long before ‘Block Buster Video’ was around. I saw all the new movies at Marty’s and Probably saw more than I should have, if ya know what I mean… ‘Porky’s’… I digress.

Marty had a babysitter that was adopted and she found her biological family when she turned eighteen. She made it sound so simple, so I knew when I turned eighteen, I would go to the Hospital where I was Born and do what she did… Get the original birth documents, take fingernail polish remover and remove the permanent ‘sharpie ink’; This would reveal the blacked out name of my Mom. Then, I would look her up, call her and Voila! Life is complete. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind whether or not I would find my family… I just had to wait until I was 18…

When we’re 11, everything seems simple. Where does our faith go? Oh yeah… we experience disappointment, Read on…


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