My Kidneys can heal… Why didn’t my doctor tell me that?

This is in Glacier Nat'l Park in Montana. The continental divide in my life was when I learned I could heal. That AHA crossed Me  over the divide that day.

This is in Glacier Nat’l Park in Montana. The continental divide in my life was when I learned I could heal. That AHA crossed Me over the divide that day.

I’m excited to tell you about the Day I learned my kidneys could heal. I believe it was the turning point in my life and the first time I had such a real AHA moment.

First though, For those of you that are not familiar with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End Stage Renal Disease (Kidney Failure/ESRD), I’ll give you the quick stats.

According to the Government Website, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention

More than 10% of people, or more than 20 million, aged 20 years or older in the United States have CKD.

CKD is usually an irreversible and progressive disease and can lead to kidney failure

Of those, not all even make it to End Stage Renal Failure, many Die before they get there. CDC reports Premature death from both cardiovascular disease and from all causes is higher in adults with CKD compared to adults without CKD. In fact, individuals with CKD are 16 to 40 times more likely to die than to reach ESRD.

About 110,000 patients in the United States started treatment for ESRD (Kidney Failure) in 2007… However, the only treatment options for kidney failure are dialysis or a kidney transplant.

As you can see the Medical Industry doesn’t have much confidence in Kidney’s improving once they begin down the disease path. They were preparing me for the worst.

So… onto one of the best days of my Life.

I remember being at the Hospital, watching the orientation video explaining how Kidney Dialysis works. The orientation felt more like a timeshare presentation… I made sure I got a good seat in the back. I didn’t want to get too involved. I was 31 years old, less than half the age of the other two patients in the room. They were at least 65. The guy across the room was Diabetic and missing fingers and toes. The Lady in front of me was Diabetic and couldn’t even drive herself around town anymore.

The other “patients” were discussing what treatment path they were choosing. Me… I was looking for the door. I did not want any part of what they were showing me. I couldn’t picture myself choosing anything other than being healthy.

As I was watching the video thinking, “I prefer comedies”… something HUGE hit me that day right between the eyes. Just like God had planted a thought right into my mind, I knew, without a doubt, things would be fine. I turned to my wife Diana, and whispered…

“I don’t belong here, this is not my Truth. It may be a “fact” that my kidney’s aren’t working right now…but My “TRUTH” is…THEY ARE HEALED.”

Now if you would have seen me, I was super heavy, eyes were jaundiced, so sleep deprived, I could fall asleep anywhere in about 60 seconds… I totally belonged there.

However, this new idea was so real and clear; it made more sense to me that anything I had ever thought prior. I had absolutely no clue how this could or would happen, everyone had told me ‘Kidneys don’t heal’, but I believed My Kidneys would in fact, HEAL.

When we arrived that day, they gave us a form to fill out and at the bottom we were supposed to check the box we chose for our treatment plan. And by treatment options they meant do you want to get a shunt surgically implanted in your arm for dialysis while you hope for a Kidney donor, or do you just want to hold out for a Transplant.

Well, I knew I was choosing none of the above and don’t you think the nurses would be super thrilled to hear my good news? I though they would, so when we tried leaving the orientation without checking a box, I was a little surprised when they wouldn’t let me leave without choosing one of there menu items. I’m going to heal, I said. One nurse giggled and started her training checklist on ‘how to handle a patient in denial’.

Call me naive… well, actually they did. ‘Kidneys don’t heal sir’. I confidently said, Mine will, I know it. They finally convinced me to check the transplant box… just in case. O.K. I said, Just in case.

Later I looked back on that day, I thought. What If I would let them talk me out of my Healing… would I have healed anyway? Or would I have received the transplant?

When you get one of those moments, there might be opposition trying to talk you out of your Truth. It will definitely be in your thoughts, but It may be in the form of a professional of some sort, or even your family and friends.

You… must follow your heart. That’s the only way to your Miracle. Let them think you’re crazy, I’m getting kinda used to that by now.

At the time of that Orientation, My kidneys were down to 15% function, but on Good Friday that spring, only about 6 months of my diagnosis, I was pronounced by my Doctor as 100% ‘healed’. Doctors don’t typically use the word ‘Healed’… Mine did. Read about When we got the call from my Doctor, Good News on Good Friday


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