Good News on Good Friday… He’s Healed!

What started with fainting at a friends gathering and progressed into a life threatening condition of Stage 4 Kidney Failure, had placed me on a Kidney Transplant List hoping

Diana has always been my biggest supporter.

Diana has always been my biggest supporter.

for my Miracle Healing.

My wife Diana is a PhD in Holistic Health and specializes in the Psychology of Applied Medicine, who at the time was in her Master’s Degree program was and still is the biggest supporter I have. She was there with me 24/7, encouraging me, helping me detox my body, colon cleanses, liver cleanses, nasty tasting herbs, essential oils, parasite pills, meditations, visualizations… You name it, if there was something she though would help, She got me to do it. She even helped me DE clutter the house. At first I thought this was just a trick to get me to clean the house. It was not a small job either. De clutter actually resulted in us renting a 30 yard dumpster and filling it… FULL of garbage and junk that had accumulated in the Garage and in the backyard… over flowing with Junk.

I wish I had a picture of that Dumpster… I know it represented my life. Full of Junk, Junky ideas about the world around me, about the people in my past and since my failing Kidneys were not filtering my blood of junk, My body was literally full of Junk. (Nice…The Garbage Truck is actually outside right now as I write this…) I was dirty, inside and out. You might say full o’ crap.

Without Diana managing my care and motivating me to do whatever I could within my power, Who knows? She went as far as writing out a affirmation; A prayer of sorts and sent it out to about 500 people and asked them to place it on their Bathroom mirror and read it every day withy me in mind.

I honestly don’t know how much affect our efforts had on my healing, but I didn’t have time to sit around and wait for something to happen. This wasn’t a drill, it was real.

A couple months went by and Diana called me at work. I worked for a Mortgage Company with over 100 employees on site. Everyone knew about my condition and what I had been doing to help God heal my Kidneys. The office was set up like ‘Cubicle city’ so everyone could hear you talk on the phone… that was good on this Good Friday.

It was sunny out, mid morning planning our weekends and Diana calls, Guess What?!!! Your doctor called, He said Your Kidneys are 100% healed!!!’ I don’t even know what I said, I just remember repeating it loud enough for everyone on the 5th floor to hear it. Everyone, and I mean everyone was high fiving and shouting for me and themselves. They had just been witness to a Miracle. From Beginning to end… an Authentic Miracle. I had been confident in the Voice that told me back at my orientation video that I could heal, but now it was real. Relief was here, I was whole again… I could eat meat again.

Diana laughed as she told me about her conversation with the Doc. When he called, the first thing he barked at her was… What are you doing to your Husband? Since we had not told the Doctors all the things we were doing to help my body, She silently freaked out and thought Oh Shit, I’m killing Ben. After a brief silence, he exploded with the Great news, His Kidneys are totally Healed. 

Ya know what he told us?… I was the only patient in his 25 year career he had the pleasure giving that news to. Can you believe that? I was the only Patient of his that healed. He retired 2 months later and moved to his home is San Francisco. I still love Fridays. Actually, I’m writing this on a Friday. Nice.

The first of many things I learned through this challenge in my life was there’s a huge difference between a “Fact” and the “Truth”. The ‘Facts of Life’ are what we overcome on our way to living our Dreams.

The Facts are NOT the TRUTH.

It might be a fact that your Life is a certain way right now, Maybe it’s your health, Your Marriage, Money, Career or some other condition; maybe you can’t get your kids to listen. All I know is I’ve seen others heal from Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Krohn’s… etc. Why doesn’t everyone heal? I’m not sure, but If they believe they can I think they’ll have a better chance than if they don’t believe.

Let me encourage you, Don’t let the noise of your trouble block the Voice of your inner genius. I hope whatever helped me see the Victory in my challenge, will help you too.

I don’t know what you call IT, but IT will speak when you’re willing to be quiet and be truly amazed. Remember…Any condition can change and You Can Heal. Do whatever you can to help, DE clutter what’s in the way and believe it’s enough until you get your Good News.

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